Reconnecting Relatives, LLC

Reconnecting Relatives, LLC

Helping individuals and families reconnect with their roots, find their lost relatives, and tell their stories.

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How to Hire a Professional Genealogist - $40 per person
Have you hit a brick wall in your family history research? It's a common challenge that a professional genealogist can help you break through. In my course, "How to Hire a Professional Genealogist," I will guide you through the maze of finding and working with the right expert. Get ready to learn how to hire the best person for your research project - what to expect, where to look, and how much it will cost. Plus, I will share the three key questions to ask before hiring. Spaces are limited to facilitate your questions. Sign up now to enhance your genealogy journey. The class cost of $40 may be applied toward the price of a research package or project of three or more hours.

New Clients

New Client Introduction - Free - 20 minutes - $0
This free 20-minute session is for you if you are interested in hiring a professional genealogist. Let's get acquainted and discuss your research goals.
New Client Review & Strategy Consultation Package - 3 hours - $375
The Review and Strategy Consultation Package for New Clients includes:
a 20-minute ‘Let’s get acquainted’ New Client Introduction Zoom meeting
a review and evaluation of your prior research and research question(s)
an easy-to-read summary of my analysis of your research
a list of recommended research steps - strategy!
a second Zoom meeting during which you can ask questions
a feeling of confidence knowing that you have a plan.

The cost ($375) may be applied toward the price of a research package or project of ten or more hours.


Ask a Professional Genealogist - 15 Minutes - $40
Sign up to ask your genealogy question.
Ask a Professional Genealogist - 30 minutes - $75
Do you have more than one question? Not sure about the next steps in your research? Sign up for this 30-minute consultation and pick a professional's brain. You are sure to walk away with at least one new tip.
Ask a Professional Genealogist - 1 Hour - $150
Think 30 minutes won't be enough time? Not ready for a multi-hour package? Sign up for this 1-hour Zoom research session with an expert. We will review your research question(s) and what you know. Then, we will dive right into online research. Instant gratification! Includes session notes and copies of all records found.


Research Together - Genealogy Coaching - 3 Hours - $375
Do you love to DIY? Let's research together and break through your brick wall. Schedule your first of three sessions today, and let's get started. Includes session notes and copies of all records found.

Research Packages

Add to Your Family Tree Research Package - 10 hours - $1,000
Would you like to expand your family tree? Let's build on the progress we made during the Review and Strategy Consultation. With a block of ten or more hours, we can continue to add to your family tree.